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What is a jewellery appraisal? 

A jewellery appraisal is the process in which a professional examines a piece of jewellery and creates an estimate of its worth. It is a formal document describing the identity, composition, quality and value of the jewellery item.  

Appraisals include:

  • Complete Cleaning 

  • Stone Security Inspection 

  • Gem Identification 

  • Value Assessment 

  • Digital Photograph(s) 

  • Written Documentation

There are a number of reasons to have a jewellery appraisal done, including the need to insure a piece of jewellery, the settlement of an estate and the desire to have documents in order to re-sell the jewellery item.  
Ron Wilkin Jewellers follows a strict code in evaluating your fine jewellery pieces. Our finished appraisal documents give your insurance company the information they need to secure the best protection. It is necessary to update appraisals every three to five years to ensure you are protected accordingly as the value of jewellery changes over time. 

At Ron Wilkin Jewellers, we have two different appraisal options. A specialty passport appraisal, which is done off-site for specific types of jewellery, and an in-house photo appraisal which is done by our goldsmith onsite. The type of appraisal that you obtain is dependent upon the jewellery that you are looking to get appraised. Bring in your valued pieces for discussion and we will be sure to advise you honestly of the appropriate path. 
For more information on jewellery appraisals, visit our repair department at our Fergus store. 


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