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What to expect when ring shopping

When making a purchase as seismic as a ring, the customer should expect to closely analyze various facets of the production process - ones that will inevitably inform their final decision. To begin with, observe the thickness of the ring, the metal being used and the way the center and side stones are set. It also helps to view the diamond with your naked eye - first in both natural and artificial light and then through a loop microscope. Be sure to look over the certification provided with the diamond, including its specs. It is always a good idea to have some general knowledge on diamonds before ring shopping, so read up on the 4 C's, under the diamond education section of our website. It is important to examine your ring when it is set and finished; check the craftsmanship of the ring when it is fully completed to make sure that it is up to high standards. Finally, after you propose, have your fiance try the ring on when their hands are both hot and cold to test if the ring still fits properly.​​​​​​​

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